Declaration of Free Citizens (of Vietnam)


In a show of support for Nguyen Dac Kien, the reporter who was fired because of his critical essay of Nguyen Phu Trong, the General Secretary of the Communist party of Vietnam, a group of bloggers and activists have initiated and received outpouring participation for the following declaration:

We, the undersigned, call upon our fellow citizens to join us in declaring:

1. We not only want to abolish Article 4 in the Constitution, but also to have a Constitutional Congress to establish a new constitution that truly reflects the will of our people, not the will of the communist party as currently in the constitution in force.

2. We support a pluralistic and multi-party system, and all political parties who fairly compete for the advancement of freedom, peace, and prosperity of the people of Vietnam. No political party has the right to control, and to tyrannize this nation.

3. We not only support a democratic system which upholds the independence of the executive, the legislative and the judiciary, but also wish for a government that decentralizes its power by empowering the autonomy of local levels of government, and eradicates the state-sponsored consortium, and all state-owned corporations, which misuse national budget, breed corruption, destroy the people’s faith, will and the spirit of our national unity.

4. We support for the military becoming non-partisan, free from the party affiliation. The military is to protect the people, the land, and defend national sovereignty, not to serve any political party.

5. We assert the right to declare the above and that all our fellow Vietnamese citizens share the same right.

We affirm that we are exercising our fundamental human rights which constitute the rights of free thoughts and free expression. These are natural rights that are inherent in every human being at birth. The Vietnamese people recognize and respect these universal rights. These rights are not granted to us by the Communist party and hence, the communist party has no right to dispossess us of them nor to judge them. We deem any judgment or accusation aimed at us an act of defamation. We believe anyone who opposes these human rights is also against our national interests and mankind’s civilization.

Let us join hands to turn this Declaration of Free Citizens into an unbreakable tie that bonds together millions of Vietnamese hearts. Let us raise our voice by signing our names at the following email address:

14 responses to “Declaration of Free Citizens (of Vietnam)”

  1. tnguyen says :

    Toi dong y ky ten cho mot viet nam dan chu tu do

  2. tienvanpham says :

    toi dong y ky ten cho mot viet nam dan chu tu do

  3. Hoa Than says :

    Toi đồng ý ký tên cho một Vietnam dân chủ tự do

  4. Thu than says :

    Tôi đồng ý ký tên cho một Việtnam dân chủ tự do

  5. Kim Hương says :

    Kim Hương Thân
    Tôi đồng ý ký tên cho một Việtnam dân chủ tự do

  6. vodanh says :

    toi dong y ky ten
    Tran Minh Duc

  7. Hoang Anh Dung says :

    toi dong y ky ten cho Viet Nam dan chu tu do

  8. Nguyen,Ngocmai says :

    Toi dong y ky ten cho mot Viet Nam Dan chu tu do

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